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We are convinced that education during childhood is fundamental for the comprehensive development of children, since during this stage kids acquire the knowledge that will be crucial for their personal development and academic formation.


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We mainly want to ensure that your children are happy. We will help them by creating a strong foundation that would allow them to build a quality future.

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This will be achieved by taking into consideration their interests, having fun, learning and offering them a positive enviornment of respect and love where they will feel as if they were at home.

Growing bilingual

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Besides, we teach Spanish. Learn a new language have a lot of benefits for the child development. You can give to your child the opportunity to learn a new and interesting language.

Areas of learning

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Communication & Languages

Providing an environment for children to express themselves and speak and listen in a range of situations allows them to develop their language and communication skills.

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Personal, social and emotional development.

This area helps to shape children’s social skills and develops respect and understanding of their differente feelings.

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It’s important for children to discover phonemic awareness – the ability to hear and identify different words and sounds, and also to start reading and writing.

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Physical development

We all know that young children often love to be active, but they also need to understand that continued physical activity as well as healthy food choices are important, and why.

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Children need to be guided in developing skills with numbers and calculations, as well as being able to describe shapes, spaces, and measures.

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Understanding the world

This involves children making sense of things by observing and exploring everything from the places they spend time to the technology and other things that they use.

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Expressive arts and design

Activities like drawing, playing with paint, instruments or technology all give children the chance to express themselves and learn new things.

Extra information


Here you can get some essential documents for the parents of our students

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Daily dining menu. Remember to tell us if your child needs a special diet.

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We are committed to meet the standards. Find here the policies of our center.

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Epi's house school is a fantastic first
experience of school
in a best way.

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Epi's house school is a fantastic first
experience of school
in a best way.