About us

About us


At Epi´s House we will provide your child with a welcoming, healthy and stimulating environment, in which they will be made to feel safe and secure. We consider each child to be an individual. Children are encouraged to develop their creativity, individuality and self-confidence in secure and well managed surroundings

We will ensure that your child feels a sense of security and belonging throughout their time at Ep´s House. Your child will be encouraged to become a confident and well-rounded individual.  Children will be encouraged to develop an astute social awareness and be confident in cooperating and developing good relationships with adults and other children.

We know your child will leave  Epi´s House with fond memories and vital skills in order to achieve and development on to the next stage of their schooling career.

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give your child the gift of learn a new language

Epi’s House provides a Spanish environment where children can learn a new language. Benefits of learning a new language for children:

Benefits of learning a new language for children: